Preserving Color in Style Transfer

Image style transfer is extremely fun and I had to just return to it one more time. I noticed that some people have started adding color transfer, as a recent paper came out on Preserving Color in Neural Artistic Style Transfer .

Throughout this post I’m modifying the following photo I took back in 2011 in Ireland.

A street in Ireland (2011 vacation)

Take this Starry Night Van Gogh rendition.

It is… blue.

But by preserving color, the result is much nicer. The color is transferred from the content image to the style image before the stylized version is generated. The mean and covariance across the RGB channels is updated in the style image to match the content image.

The other method mentioned in the paper is by luminance transfer. I will probably implement that as well and add it here — the math is very similar, and simpler in fact, as covariance matrix is not needed as there is only one channel being changed.

Sometimes color transfer isn’t needed, but when it is, it’s pretty handy. It’s remarkable that this can be done by simply changing some statistics in the image.

Here are a couple of cool ones from today — they did not require/use color transfer but I had to include them because they are pretty cool!

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