Firefox add-on released

I recently released my first Firefox add-on. I’m always copy-pasting words from the browser into my terminal to look them up with dict client. It’s simply the best dictionary tool I’ve ever used, because it looks up words from many dictionaries at once. You can find out more about DICT here and here.

It looks up words by calling dict client on your machine in a sub-process. It can also automatically save words you look up into a list to review later. Double click a word on any web page, and the extension will spawn a process to call dict and then display the output in a popup. As an added feature, the words you look up are automatically added to a list for later review.

Screenshot of dict-extension in use

This addon does not actually implement the DICT protocol, nor call any DICT servers on it’s own. It delegates that entirely to the dict client on your machine. As an alternative to my add-on, this extension is quite good and does implement the DICT protocol, if that is what you are looking for.

However, I suspect the above mentioned add-on, which does implement a DICT client, may stop working at some point relatively soon, because like many useful add-ons, it uses require('chrome'), and Mozilla is doing away with the add-on SDK and many of it’s low level APIs. A lot of developers are understandably upset about that. I was going to implement it as well, but due to these plans by Mozilla, I decided to stay away, as there’s currently no way to do it without using chrome and the low-level APIs.

I think that my add-on will only work on Linux, and maybe on Mac (though I have only tested on my machine), as you must have the dict client installed for it to work.

You can install the add-on from the Firefox add-on listing page. The code is also hosted on github.

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